Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Lang!!!

This is a wedding I got to do last June. Rick and Jessica Lang. Bridals are always fun because the bride values good photos and the groom values making his bride happy!!! They are the easiest and funnest shoots to do!!! I love this picture. I love southern Utah, though. I'm a sucker for the red rocks all around!!!

LOVE this picture of their rings!!!

And check out these SHOES!!! So fabulous!!!

Angie's bouquet

I took this picture at my nephew, Jake's wedding. This is his bride, Angie's bouquet. This photo captures the mood of the day.... simple. They got married at a park with just family and a handful of friends. It was the perfect day for a wedding and the perfect picture to remember that day by.

The Feet

This is a picture I got to take of our neighbors. At first look you may wonder what's so special about this photo. The cool part is that their last name is Foote. We call them the Feet. So when I got to do their family photos, I couldn't resist taking a picture of just their feet!!! I love this family. Maybe one day when I grow up, I can be like them!!!