Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daniel and Danielle's Wedding!!!

On August 21st, I got to go up for my cousin, Danielle's wedding!!! She married the coolest guy, Daniel. Yes, their names are Danielle and Daniel, also known as D & D because most of us can't spit out their names together!!!! I felt so honored when they asked me to be the wedding photographer!!!! Here is just some of the fun shots I got while with these 2 love birds on their special day!!!!

Danielle, the picture of perfection!!!

You know I LOVE silhouette shots of brides!!!!

WOOHOO!!!! Look how stinking handsome Daniel is!!! He is one of
the nicest guys I know and an absolute PERFECT match for Danielle!!!!

What a beautiful bride!!!! She is so happy!!!!

This picture is extra special. This is Danielle's Grandpa Long. He has been suffering from some health problems for a while and about 10 days after this picture was taken, he passed away. I am glad that my aunt was able to get a copy of this picture to him right after the wedding and see the joy it brought him. This picture is PRICELESS!!!

When we were at the park doing Danielle's bridals,
there was a little girl that was following us around,
calling Danielle a "Princess".
Can you tell why? I think this is what REAL princesses look like!!!!

I love her personality!!!!!

Here's my Uncle Bear saying, "no more money, honey!!!!"

Ohhhh, if we knew what she was whispering in Daniel's ear,
I think it would even make me blush!!!!

Think he can get away?????

I don't think he really wanted to!!!!!
I think he likes her a little bit!!!!

I just have to say THANK YOU to Daniel and Danielle for trusting me to do your wedding. I love you guys to pieces!!!!

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Brenda said...

Cute...good job Hope!